China’s Van Gogh


Zhao Xiaoyong

is an artist who is good at copying Van Gogh’s paintings.

Starting from copying Van Gogh’s works in Dafen Village, Shenzhen in 1997, Zhao Xiaoyong has painted more than 100,000 Van Gogh paintings as of 2023, and is known as the “Chinese Van Gogh” by the world.

Now, he begans to try to create his own works.


In my more than 20 years of painting life, I have always been influenced by the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh. After repeatedly copying his works, I gradually developed my own artistic perception. Driven by this powerful creative force, in recent years I have created a number of works that express my inner feelings.

Media Interviews

Zhao Xiaoyong's studio


Zhao Xiaoyong plan to use his old studio to show his original works, brushed the wall color this week .We need adjust the hanging position and some more details.


According to statistics, Dafen Village produces and sells more than 1 million oil paintings every year. It is hailed as the “No. 1 Oil Painting Village in China” by art peers.

Dafen oil painting village